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Q: Where can I find the local covenants?

A: You can download a searchable PDF version of the Elkhorn Highland Ridge Covenants! Please see our Covenants page above.

Q: How do I get approval for improvements to my property?

A: Article I, Section 2 of Elkhorn Highland Ridge's Declaration of Covenants HERE describe the process in detail and when it is needed but generally:

  1. Detailed plans are submitted to the HOA Board HERE.
  2. The HOA Board reviews the plans, paying specific attention to quality and with intent to protect and enhance the integrity and character of the neighborhood.
  3. The HOA Board will respond within 30 days.

Q: Which organizations handle local services?


  • Landscaping: Elkhorn Highland Ridge HOA
  • Snow Removal: City of Omaha
  • Street and street sign repair: City of Omaha
  • Street light repair: OPPD
  • Fire/Police/EMS: City of Omaha

Q: When do trash and recycling get picked up?

A: Trash day is Thursday and is picked up weekly. Recyclables are picked up every other week. Find more information at: https://wasteline.org/

Annual Dues
Q: Are dues mandatory, how much are they, and what do they pay for?

A: You can learn more about the annual dues by clicking "Pay Your Dues" above.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: As volunteer opportunities come up throughout the year we'll reach out via our email list. Sign up on our Contact page HERE.

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